Katie Joseph

Nebraska Law Class of 2015

Category: Study Music

Study Music: Christopher O’Riley

A lovely piano interpretation of Radiohead.  This is my go-to music if I need to block out background noise and read.

Study Music: Darwin Deez

My husband discovered Darwin Deez about six months ago.  It’s poppy and catchy without being trite, and sweet without being cloying.  Though I would really like to give the artist a haircut, I enjoy the music a great deal.

Study Music: Inventions – Bach

Glenn Gould & Bach — a perfect soundtrack for getting things done.

Study Music: Calexico – Feast of Wire

Calexico is one of my favorite bands, and playing this album is like putting on a broken-in pair of shoes; it makes going about one’s work much more pleasant.

Study Music: Criteria – En Garde

Despite all the signs requesting silence, the library can get noisy around finals time.  To stay sane while condensing outlines and taking practice tests, I brought in my trusty headphones (Grado SR-60s) and listened to my favorite records, including this one from former White Octave front man Stephen Pedersen.  It’s been around since 2003 but still stands up to repeat plays.  Behind the music: Stephen is also a lawyer.